• Kreivės 2015

    Vilnius – August 20–27
    Kaunas – August 28–31
    Šiauliai – August 30
    Klaipėda – September 4–5

    Photo: Boys

  • išgiŘstì programme

    Six films about LGBT* youth for LGBT* youth

    Photo: Nude Area

  • R. W. Fassbinder's Kreivės

    Four queer films by one of the greatest German filmmakers

    Photo: Querelle

Norwegian Shorts

Vilnius / Cinema “Skalvija,” A. Goštauto g. 2
25th – 17.10





Bald Guy / Skallaman

2011 / Norway / musical

Director: Maria Bock
Cast: Frank Kjosås, Ole Giæver
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 12 min

A musical about being who you are, loving whomever you want.


2014 / Norway

Director: Aleksander Godø Alnes
Cast: Lorik Deari, Ivar Lykke
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 5 min

The school bully idolizes his father and wants to grow up to be a wrestler just like him. Then he makes a shocking discovery that forces him to question his idea of masculinity.

Before she came, after he left / Før hun kom, etter han dro

2013 / Norway

Director: Marja Bål Nango
Cast: Rune Løding, Johanna Mørck
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 22 min

A young man on the verge of marriage questions the frailty of life and the complex bonds of friendship after a recent tragedy.

We are not here to sleep / Vi er ikke her for å sove

2014 / Norway

Director: Bård Føsker
Cast: Henrik Hasfjord, Jon Arne Arnseth
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 9 min

A young boy meets an older man in a gay club and they go home together. But in a private setting strangers aren’t always what they seem to be.

Air Balloon / Luftballong

2012 / Norway

Director: Yenni Lee
Cast: Mia Caroline Bratz, Tone Skaardal
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 11 min

The story of Julie, a young girl holding on to a box of memories she’s struggling to release herself from.

Bendik & the Monster / Bendik & Monsteret

2013 / Norway / animation

Director: Frank Mosvold
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 10 min

The story of little Bendik and a monster that dreams of a career as a cabaret singer.

Oh My God!

2008 / Norway

Director: Anne Sewitsky
Cast: Ebba Tangen, Julie Solberg
Norwegian with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 9 min

A humorous observation of children´s interpretations and experiences of sexuality. The film also looks back through grown-up eyes at the reality of being part of the “in-crowd” and the lengths to which one is prepared to go to become a respected member. But first and foremost Oh, My God! is a film about the orgasm.

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