• Kreivės 2015

    Vilnius – August 20–27
    Kaunas – August 28–31
    Šiauliai – August 30
    Klaipėda – September 4–5

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  • išgiŘstì programme

    Six films about LGBT* youth for LGBT* youth

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  • R. W. Fassbinder's Kreivės

    Four queer films by one of the greatest German filmmakers

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Pierrot Lunaire

2014 / Canada, Germany / experimental

Director: Bruce LaBruce
Cast: Susanne Sachsse, Paulina Bachmann, Boris Lisowski
German with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 56 min




Vilnius / Cinema “Skalvija,” A. Goštauto g. 2
24th – 21.40
26th – 22.10

A trans man lost in a world of desire, symbols, and fantasies. A newly refashioned version of a classic love story, Schönberg’s music and Giraud’s poetry provide the dramatic framework for the tale of Pierrot: A young woman that regularly dresses as a man, falls in love and seduces a young girl who has no clue that her lover has the same sex. When the girl introduces her boyfriend* to her father, he becomes sceptical and unmasks the fraud. Even though, strangely, the feelings of the girl persist without shifting, the father does not allow them to ever see each other again. Furious and delusional, the man* develops an adventurous plan to prove his* true ‘masculinity’ to the father of his* lover.