• Kreivės 2015

    Vilnius – August 20–27
    Kaunas – August 28–31
    Šiauliai – August 30
    Klaipėda – September 4–5

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  • išgiŘstì programme

    Six films about LGBT* youth for LGBT* youth

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  • R. W. Fassbinder's Kreivės

    Four queer films by one of the greatest German filmmakers

    Photo: Querelle

Songs for Alexis

2014 / Denmark, USA / musical documentary

Director: Elvira Lind
Cast: Alexis Ann, Ryan Cassata, Fran Cassata
English with Lithuanian subtitles, 84 min




Vilnius / Cinema “Skalvija,” A. Goštauto g. 2
20th – 18.30 (opening)
21st – 17.00 (followed by a discussion)

Klaipėda / “Kultūros fabrikas,” Bangų g. 5A
5th – 17.30 (followed by a discussion)

A timeless love story about two American teenagers and their struggle to find both love and an individual identity in a grown-up world. Ryan is 18 and a very talented musician. Four years ago, he began the difficult transformation from girl to boy. Now Ryan is in love with the beautiful and enigmatic Alexis. However, her parents’ attitude towards their relationship forces Alexis to make the heartbreaking choice between her family and the man she loves.