13–30 \ Body Culture \ Exhibition

Exhibition “Body Culture” looks into primal, often stereotypical notions of gender and gender relations, reflects upon the human body within its sociocultural context. Lithuanian artists featured in the show explore a queered, alternative gaze, inviting to question the hegemonic culture, norms of social interaction, the society’s attitude towards the body and sexuality.

Artists: Adomas Danusevičius, Gabrielė Gervickaitė, Arnoldas Kubilius, Kristina Petrošiūtė, Vilma Fiokla Kiurė, Aistė Česnavičiūtė, Arcana Femina.

Curators: Karolina Rimkutė, Gabrielė Gervickaitė.

Exhibition opening – June 13, 18.00.
Due to general rules of the Embassy only the ones registered as “going” until 12.00 will be able to join the opening. You can also inform us about your attendance at paroda@in-co.lt.

The exhibition will be open everyday 15.00–20.00 until June 30 (except June 24–26).

On June 17 the exhibition will take part in the Culture Night programme. From 20.00 until midnight – artists Blue Mouth Performance and short experimental films.