I Wanna Sleep With You

Voglio dormire con te

2015 / Italy / documentary

Director: Mattia Colombo

Italian, with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 77 min.



Cinema “Skalvija”, A. Goštauto g. 2
21st – 18.50

I Wanna Sleep With You is a documentary about being in love, falling out of love and the fragility of human bonds. It is very intimate, like a diary or a conversation overheard by chance.

Herodotus describes how there were no doctors in Babylon. The sick were brought to the public square and anyone who had suffered from the same illness would go up to them and recommend remedies that had healed them. The disease that this film would like to diagnose is the feeling of failure and vulnerability that emerges after a relationship ends, and it does so by sharing, like in the public square, the fears and insecurities that make relationships so complex and fragile. Voglio Dormire con Te (I Wanna Sleep with You) begins four months from the day I decided to leave my partner. For the first time, however, the freedom I reclaimed did not bring relief but rather insomnia; a constant wakefulness in which the awareness of what I thought I would find without him dissolved. What kept me awake was not that I missed him, but rather, I began to think about all the relationships I had had until then. I reflected upon the story of Babylon and started to film the lives and relationships of couples I knew well in the hopes of retracing the symptoms I had felt in the need for freedom that led me to choose being on my own over a relationship. The film took shape over time and became a journey in search of the solutions each one of us implements to overcome solitude.