If the Photo is Good

Si la photo est bonne

2015 / France

Director: Luc Battiston
Cast: Arnaud Dupont, Laetitia Spigarelli, Mathieu Metral, Patrick Descamps
French; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 22 min.


Cinema “Skalvija”, A. Goštauto g. 2
17th – 21.30

French Institute, Didžioji g. 1
22nd – 18.40

In a small town in the south of France, Martin, in his thirties, shares his everyday life between his family and the local brass band.
At the fanfare, a musician called Francis, disturbs his peaceful and well-ordered life. The father tries to fight against this attraction that catches up and obsesses him. To stop the flow of impulses, he will try to go to the end of his fantasies.