His Shorts

9 shorts / 125 min.

Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2
19th – 20.20

Guys meeting online, hooking up in the darkness of a dance floor, locking into one another’s arms in a boxing ring; they are seeking closeness, declaring love, suffering rejection, travelling to Russia where they introduce themselves as brothers; they are anxiously sitting through a doctor’s appointment or simply spending the day as if there were no tomorrow. “His Shorts” are nine short films about boys and men, their passions and frustrations.



2015 / Canada / 9 min.

Dir. Robert W. Gray
Cast: Greg Profit, Bonnie Piesse



2015 / France / 9 min.

Dir. Robert Ly
Cast: Guillaume Bursztyn, Denis Leluc



2016 / The Netherlands / 12 min.

Dir. Niels Bourgonje
Cast: Daniel Cornelissen, Tobias Nierop


We, You, They / Nosotros, ustedes, ellos

2014 / The Dominican Republic / 14 min.

Dir. Pavel Marcano
Cast: Javier Ulises Maestro, Pavel Marcano


Through The Fields / Passer les champs

2015 / France / 29 min.

Dir. Camille Melvil, Fabien Cavacas
Cast: Pierre Prieur, Maxime Taffanel, Théo Pittaluga



2015 / Belgium / 10 min.

Dir. Florian Waerzeggers
Cast: Tim David, Jan Bollen, Rosa Vandervost


Clinch / Ringen

2015 / Germany / 5 min.

Dir. Manuel Meinhardt, Manuel Rees, Maximilian Merth, Stephan Kämpf
Cast: Volkram Zschiesche, Emrah Erdogru



2015 / France / 2 min.

Dir. To-Anh Bach, Charles Badiller, Hugo Weiss


Perpetual / Mørke Rum

2015 / Denmark / 27 min.

Dir. Peter Ahlén Lavrsen
Cast: Nicolas Wollesen