It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives

Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt

1970 / Germany

Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Cast: Bernd Feuerhelm, Berryt Bohlen, Ernst Kuchling, Dietmar Kracht, Steven Adamczewski
German, with English subtitles, 67 min.


French Institue, Didžioji g. 1
22nd – 17.15

One of Rosa von Praunheim’s most controversial and notorious films narrates the adventures of a young gay man from the province who arrives in Berlin. He gradually leaves behind his innocence led by his increasing appetite for excitement in the big-city gay scene. He moves from one gay milieu to another caught in his addiction for fashion and sexual experiences. The film’s radical propositions and final utopian affirmations were as incisive and critically provocative forty years ago as they are astonishingly pertinent to the socio-cultural situation in which we live today.