Unironed Shorts

8 shorts / 92 min.

Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2
15th – 19.00 (opening)

Sexual orientation or gender identity alone fails to capture the entirety of what characters of “Unironed Shorts” are, their situation is determined by intersecting aspects of their multi-faceted identities. A child from an impoverished suburb who has questions about gender; a gay guy facing racism; a Palestinian girl looking for identity in New York; or a senior who cannot live with his life-long partner in a care home.


I’m Christian Okoli

2013 / UK

Director: Cyrus Trafford
Cast: Christian Okoli
English; Lithuanian subtitles, 6 min.



2016 / UK

Director: Jake Graf
Cast: Nicole Gibson, Harry Rundle
English; Lithuanian subtitles, 13 min.


The Buphagus / Leiber

2014 / Germany

Režisieriai: Andre Krummel, Jonas Schneider
Vaidina: Jonathan Berlin, Gerhard Polacek
German; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 10 min.


Cecil & Carl

2015 / US / documentary

Directors: Elvis León, Gaston Yvorra
Cast: Cecil Bethea, Carl Shepard
English; Lithuanian subtitles, 14 min.


I Say Dust

2015 / US

Director: Darine Hotait
Cast: Hala Alyan, Mounia Akl
English, Arabic; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 14 min.


The Dummy / Il manichino

2013 / Italy

Director: Renato Muro
Cast: Alessandro Berti, Sara Carbone
Italian; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 14 min.



2014 / India

Director: Ganesh Matkari
Cast: Mukta Barve, Supriya Vinod
Marathi; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 8 min.


The Dogwalker / Hundvakten

2014 / Sweden / documentary

Director: Caroline Ingvarsson
Cast: Lars-Gunnar Persson
Swedish; English and Lithuanian subtitles, 13 min.