Unexpected Shorts

10 shorts / 90 min.

Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2
22 d. – 19.00 (festival closing)

What is it that you absolutely should not do in the presence of a bear? What to do when you wake up naked in an unfamiliar doorway? How to make good use of your time while doing phonesex? “Unexpected Shorts” give unexpected answers which sometimes draws one’s attention to everyday absurdities, sometimes unsettle with uncanny plot twists, and sometimes are merely amusing.


The Black Bear / L’ours noir

2015 / France / 15 min.

Dir. Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, Xavier Seron
Cast: Jean-Jacques Rausin, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Catherine Salée


Spark / Vonk

2015 / The Netherlands / 8 min.

Dir. Kuba Szutkowski, Edgar Kapp
Cast: Jack Wouterse, Wart Kamps


The Cream

2014 / France / 9 min.

Dir. Jean-Marie Villeneuve
Cast: Nikolas Blay, Sylvain Lablée


A woman at a piano

2013 / UK / 1 min.

Dir. Golnaz Jamsheed
Cast: Laura Hymers, Samara Couri, Daniel Osgerby


Coming to

2015 / US / 5 min.

Dir. Lindsey Haun
Cast: Jacob Demonte-Finn


That Little “Drive” Thing / Un petit côté drive

2015 / France / 10 min.

Dir. Yoann Luis
Cast: Jacques Chambon, Victor Chambon


Trade Queen

2015 / Germany / 8 min.

Dir. David Wagner
Cast: Thomas Gerber, Heiko Raulin, Harry Lampl


The Border / Der Saum

2015 / Germany / 13 min.

Dir. Lukas Väth
Cast: Laura Cuenca Serrano, Sandra Bosch


Phone Sex Grandma

2006 / US / 9 min.

Dir. Jack Truman
Cast: Opal Dockery



2015 / US / 12 min.

Dir. Puppett
Cast: Whitney Mixter, Shelli Boone, Sally Kirkland