Hook-up shorts

9 shorts / 106 min.

French Institute, Didžioji g. 1
16th – 18.45

Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2
20th – 21.15

Characters in “Hook-up shorts” do not know one another, but their encounters bring something new into their lives. Some encounters last, others end in a blink or do not happen at all. They might begin or end with sex, a conversation or silence. Still, these meetings make for short stories about a possibility of a contact with another person.



2015 / France / 3 min.

Dir. Emilie Almaida, Liang Huang, Mansoureh Kamari, Julie Robert, Juliette Peuportier, Tony Unser


The Kiss Which Seeks Me / El beso que me busca

2015 / Spain / 3 min.

Dir. Marc Nadal
Cast: Julia Hernández, Anna Meléndez


Pepper / Le piment

2014 / Canada / 7 min.

Dir. Patrick Aubert
Cast: Chantal Bellavance, Frédérique Proulx, Éloïse Tanguay-Simard



2016 / France / 10 min.

Dir. Florent Médina
Cast: Emanuele Arioli, Eddy Wonka



2016 / Belgium / 13 min.

Dir. David San Juan
Cast: Francois Carlier



2015 / UK / 26 min.

Dir. Charlie Parham
Cast: Nicholas Gleaves, Amrou Al-Kadhi, Amma Boateng


Never / Mai

2015 / Italy / 19 min.

Dir. Giulio Poidomani
Cast: Alessandro Gangi, Flavia Ripa, Ilaria Ambrogi


Floating Melon

2015 / China / 19 min.

Dir. Roberto F. Canuto, Xiaoxi Xu
Cast: Vincent Chen Xi, Celia Yu Yinmeng, Wen Sirui, Xu Xu


A Moment According to Three

2012 / UK / 2 min.

Dir. Cherish Perez de Tagle
Cast: Emma Fischer, Zak Rowlands, Ekin Bernay, Osagie Samuel