T* Shorts

7 shorts / 91 min.

Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2
16th – 21.00

T* shorts tell stories about trans* people and their experiences. Each of the seven short films give a different angle to look at gender identity: via one’s relationship to one’s body, to one’s environment or to community of shared experiences.



2015 / France / 15 min.

Dir. Marion Jhöaner
Cast: Mehdi Meskar, Alex Wetter, Roxane Bret, Frankie Wallach, Adrien Binh Doan

(The Here and Now) A Visit

2015 / US / 12 min.

Dir. Finn Paul
Cast: Johnny McCaffrey, Laub


2015 / US / 9 min.

Dir. Forrest Lotterhos
Cast: Seth Bracken, Colter Lindstrom, Beit Gorski, Finn Massaro

Born Wrong

2015 / UK / 8 min.

Dir. Rob Daglish

The Dummy / Il manichino

2013 / Italy / 14 min.

Dir. Renato Muro
Cast: Alessandro Berti, Sara Carbone

All Cats Are Pink In The Dark / La nuit tous les chats sont roses

2015 / France / 20 min.

Dir. Guillaume Renusson
Cast: Roxanne Duran, Loïc Corbery

Veiled / Schleierhaft

2014 / Germany / 14 min.

Dir. Tim Ellrich
Cast: Atheer Adel, Adam Radwan, Amira El Sayed