14 \ Queer Readings

On the evening of 14 September, “Kreivės” is seizing your written words from drawers, notebooks or wherever you may be hiding them and reading them out loud.

No two ways about it – we are inviting you to the annual Queer Poetry Readings, where we share pieces on
breaking stereotypes,
same-sex relationships,
notions of masculinity and femininity,
sexual and trans experiences,
And everything atypical/unordinary/unconventional/queer.

The readings will be followed by an open mic. Everyone is invited to share their poetry.

For registration, emotional support, instructions, microphone tuning and other inquiries email kreivapoezija@gmail.com.

Readings will take place on September 14, 20.30.
Autarkia (Naugarduko g. 41)

Free entrance.