16 \ +26: Am I My Generation? \ exhibition opening

“Am I a member of my generation?” – asks a character in Woody Allen’s movie “Whatever Works”. This question is also asked by young artists in “Kreivės” festival interdisciplinary exhibition. These artists are post-soviet, but not yet belonging to millenial generation. In Lithuania we would call it generation of Independance. But how to call it in Ukraine?

Just as the democracy in their country, these artists are also just a bit older than 26. This number is not just an age, but also a universal symbol, engendering human experience. In computer’s alphabet, better known as Unicode, combination U+2640 denotes a female, U+26A3 – male homosexuality, U+26A5 – intersex, U+26A7 – transsex, U+26AA – asexuality. How does these identities that „did not exist“ in soviet times succeeds in breaking pseudo-traditional society’s ice?

Some works in the exhibition are playful, maybe even laughing from the situations and themselves, sometimes provoking, or just ironic. And still it reflects problems we all as generation and/or society face by being immigrants, not conforming with heteronormativity, or simply mentally not belonging to where others put us.

Artists: Gorsad, Anton Karyuk, Yulia Krivich, Lena Siyatovska.
Curators: Rasa Kavaliauskaitė, Augustas Čičelis, with “In Corpore” and Vilnius Queer Festival “Kreivės”.
Exhibition opens on September 16, 19.00
Also open to visitors: September 19-21 and 26-28, 15.00-19.00.
LIAA project space “Sodų 4” (Sodų g. 4, Vilnius).