I Am Beautiful

3 shorts

2017-2018 / Canada, The Netherlands / Documentary

English, French, Dutch, with Lithuanian subtitles, 55 min.

Forum Cinemas Vingis, Vilnius
October 8 — 2.00 PM (Educational event)

Romuva Cinema, Kaunas
October 9 — 12.00 PM (Educational event)

J. Vienožinskis' Art School, Naujoji Vilnia
October 13 — 2.00 PM

P. Višinskis' Library, Šiauliai
October 18 — 10.00 AM (Educational event)

Apeironas, Klaipėda
October 18 — 10.30 AM (Educational event)



2018 / Canada / Documentary

Director: Christina Willings

It’s never easy to find a place in the world and to be what you want to be. In this documentary, five children share their inner experience when they decided to be true to who they are rather than hold on to traditional gender notions of “male” and “female” which don’t correspond with what they feel. In a world of prescribed roles, claiming your own sense of gender can be challenging and sometimes scary.




2017 / The Netherlands / Documentary

Director: Astrid Bussink

Life can seem pretty overwhelming at times, particularly when you’re growing up. And it’s not always easy to talk to your friends or parents about your problems. Fortunately, the Child Helpline provides a listening ear. In this colourful film the recordings of phone conversations with children are accompanied by images that beautifully reflect their tone. Sometimes hilarious or naughty, but more often sad or heartrending.



Mijn gelukkige ingewikkelde familie

2017 / The Netherlands / Documentary

Director: Tessa Louise Pope

More and more kids nowadays grow up in non-traditional families. What stories lie behind these families and what are the effects on children? In this funny documentary three girls introduce their families, tell about extra mothers and stepmothers, donor fathers, half-brothers and stepsisters. They’re proud of their complicated families, and a film like this is a good opportunity to tell their parents about it.


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