In My Room

2017 / Israel, USA, UK / Documentary

Director: Ayelet Albenda

English, French, with Lithuanian subtitles, 68 min.

Skalvija, Vilnius
October 6 — 4.30 PM

Forum Cinemas Vingis, Vilnius
October 8 — 11.00 AM

Romuva, Kaunas
October 8 — 10.00 AM

Romuva, Kaunas
October 14 — 2.30 PM

Apeironas, Klaipėda
October 18 — 12.30 PM

Arlekinas, Klaipėda
October 21 — 4.00 PM

Six teenagers film video diaries in their rooms and upload them to YouTube. They aren’t YouTube stars, they don’t have thousands followers, they are just teenagers talking to themselves and sharing their life with anyone who is willing to listen. Candid videos allows us to be present during their most fragile, painful, confusing and amusing phases of growing up.


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