Laissez-moi danser

2017 / France / drama

Director: Valérie Leroy

Cast: Marion Bezemer, Morgane Cabot, Rébecca Finet

French with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 17 min.

Cinema “Skalvija”, A. Goštauto g. 2
September 13 — 9.35 PM (“Kreivės shorts 2”)

Cinema “Skalvija”, A. Goštauto g. 2
September 15 — 6.00 PM (“Kreivės shorts 2”)

Mylène is a cleaning maid on a ferry boat. Tonight, her colleagues are organizing a surprise party for her birthday. But on the gift voucher, Mylène reads her old name, a name that she doesn’t want to see anymore, her male name. Who wants to blackmail her? Whereas the party will increase the claims of those exploited women, Mylène will have to investigate.