My Mother Is Pink

Min mor er pink

2017 / Denmark / documentary

Director: Cecilie Debell

Danish, English and Lithuanian subtitles, 75 min.

Cinema “Skalvija”, A. Goštauto g. 2
September 14 — 6.05 PM (presented by the director)

Performance artist Michael Richardt and his mother Malou are ready to go on a road trip around Denmark and Germany; both to seek out the many short stops in Malous life journey and to rediscover each other. Michael has never known his African father, and the skeletons are rattling in the closet. The both flamboyant and sensitive Michael turns up on the day of the departure painted in blue. As in completely blue, from top to toe. His mother, who according to her own accounts has gypsy blood in her veins, is more into pink and has painted an old camper van for the trip. She has mapped out the route, and the result is a documentary adventure full of surprises and random, but oddly meaningful, encounters with old friends and sympathetic strangers, who all give mother and son something they missed.