• Kreivės 2019

    September 4–8

  • Barbara Hammer

    Retrospective and introductions

    September 5–7, 7.30 PM, at “Skalvija”

  • Competition Shorts

    12 selected short films in 3 screenings

    September 4–7, at “Skalvija”

The Daughters of Fire

Las hijas del fuego

2018 / Argentina / drama

Director: Albertina Carri

Cast: Carolina Alamino Barthaburu, Mijal Katzowicz, Rocío Zuviría, Wanda Rzonscinsky, María Eugenia Marcet

Spanish with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 115 min.

“SapfoFest”, Punia, Alytus region
August 3 — 8.00 PM

At the very end of the world, three women meet by chance, starting a life-changing polyamorous journey. A journey along the routes and through time that turns into pure joy, rivers of pleasure and fun. They slowly unwind as they explore irreversible passion and the utopia of monogamous love, far from possession and pain, as the inevitable end to a love that fits no canon. Through her notes, Violeta tells us about the adventures of the Daughters of Fire: a group of women in the search of their own erotica.