• Kreivės 2020

    September 9–13

    Entrance is free or a donation of your choice.

  • Competition Programme

    13 selected shorts in 6 screenings

    Photo: I Want to See Gellivare Burn

  • Memories

    4 long and 5 short stories of individual and group memories and their loss

    Photo: Playback

  • Thank you!

    Let's meet in the next year's festival and events on the way

    Photo: Breakwater


Entrance to the film screenings at “Skalvija” (A. Goštauto g. 2)  – at least 1 ct, as much as you decide.

Even though it costs a few hundred euros to present one film, our aim is to make all of our events accessible to everyone. This can be made possible only with the support of our sponsors. You can also become one. Every euro goes towards organising the festival.

You can get your tickets at “Skalvija” an hour before the first screening of the day. Tickets are available for the day of the screening and for the following day.

Entrance to other events is free or a donation of your choice.

More information by phone: 8 684 12216, e-mail: kreives@in-co.lt.