The Demons of Dorothy

Defiance. Shorts

2020–2021 / Poland, Brazil, France / 3 competition shorts

With English and Lithuanian subtitles, 80 min.


September 8, 2022, 7.45 PM
Skalvija, A. Goštauto g. 2, Vilnius

The Demons of Dorothy
Les démons de Dorothy

2021 / Prancūzija / horror comedy

Director: Alexis Langlois
Cast: Justine Langlois, Lio, Nana Benamer, Dustin Muchuvitz
French, with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 30 min

Dorothy is a film director and a bit of a loser. One night, fueled up on beer, she is letting loose on her script when a call from her producer kills her buzz: enough with the queer comedies, it’s time to start making mainstream films. To avoid sinking to the deepest depths of despair, Dorothy seeks comfort in her favourite TV show Romy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, her own demons show up.

The Howling

2021 / Poland / drama

Director: Bartosz Brzeziński
Cast: Maciej Łączyński, Adam Stępnicki, Robert Czebotar
Polish, with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 30 min

Kuba is growing up in a small village where nothing ever happens. He’s being raised by an alcoholic father, a ship breeder. Kuba spends his time loitering and fooling around with his friends. One day, an old friend from a big city appears in the village. His presence coincides with a wolf attack on the family sheep farm. The protagonist begins discovering his sexuality and is soon faced with a tough choice.

The Howling


2020 / Brazil / drama

Director: Matheus Farias
Cast: Luciana Souza, Sophia William, Erlene Melo
Portuguese, with English and Lithuanian subtitles, 20 min

In Brazil, where a trans person is murdered every three days, Marilene searches for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.