Anton Karyuk “Guilty Fresher”

As communities form, some of the stories they live through remain homeless or get housed without being properly heard. The cultural-social space “išgir̃stì”, located in the middle of the working-class residential neighbourhood of Naujininkai in Vilnius, is a place for non-heteronormative narratives. The main goal of the initiative is to tell queer stories while providing a space for the community. It opens with “Guilty Fresher”, an art exhibition by Anton Karyuk.

Displayed in a space of seventeen square metres, six drawings depict bodies of sexual attraction. Several op-art objects employ mirrors to deconstruct and multiply the drawings creating infinite new images. The show is part of a wider project by the Lithuanian-based Ukrainian artist exploring the spectra of sexual fetishes and their aesthetic components, also noting that, as of 2022, fetishism will no longer be in the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases. The exhibition is open to visitors until mid-May upon online registration.

The “išgir̃stì” space seeks to serve the LGBTQ+ community and will host some of the events of Vilnius Queer Festival. It will also house a queer archive, a collection of publications, images, recordings and other artefacts with the view to construct a history or its queer interpretation, a point of view hitherto unheard.

“išgir̃stì” invites everyone to contribute to the archive with objects significant for personal or community queer history. The new cultural-social space is also open to initiatives, exhibitions and meetings of LGBTQ+ artists and curators.

The development of the space is supported by the Active Citizens’ Fund, EEA Grants.
Darbininkų g. 8–1, Vilnius