Anton Karyuk. Guilty Fresher


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The exhibition “Guilty Fresher” by Ukrainian-Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist Anton Karyuk.

Sometime it is difficult to know when a person’s passion and engagement with something fits within the definition of the norm. Almost everyone experience certain stimuli provoking strong reactions. And nearly everyone has a predisposition to fetishist interests.

Some scientists are still inclined to pathologize fetishism, whereas others do not see it as a sexual disorder. For example, an American psychologist D. M. Reinish replaces the sexual fetish from the field of psychopathology to the domain of anthropology and further to the sphere of aesthetics. In December 2018, the World Health Organization excluded sexual fetishism from the International Classification of Diseases (the document will come into force on January 1, 2022).

In his project, Anton Karyuk studies the spectrum of sexual fetishes and its aesthetic components.

The exhibition opens the space “išgir̃stì” and the project “Space for Community”, supported by the Active Citizens’ Fund, EEA Grants.

The space is open on Wednesdays to Fridays or upon individual agreement. Please register for a visit.


“išgir̃stì”, Darbininkų g. 8–1, Vilnius
April 21–May 15, 2021, Thu–Fri, 14.00–19.00