Recording Queer

Screenings + conversation

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The presentation of works of the artists Anton Karyuk and Olena Siyatovska and the initiative “išgir̃stì”, and conversation about recording of queer experiences at Nida Art Colony. You will be able to see excerpts of video works, short documentary “I Am Michelle” (2021), and get to know queer archiving practices.

Participants: Anton Karyuk (Vilnius-based Ukrainian artist), Olena Siyatovska (Ukrainian artist), Augustas Čičelis (curator, “išgir̃stì”, Vilnius Queer festival “Kreivės”).


November 4, 2022, 8.00 PM
Nida Art Colony, E. A. Jonušo g. 3, Nida, Neringa