The Best Short Film – Will You Look At Me (dir. Shuli Huang)
Will You Look At Me is a beautiful and poignant portrayal of queer life in China, juxtaposing stunning imagery with familial rejection and inner tensions.

Jury’s Special Mention – Leaving Chouchou (dir. Lucie Demange)
Leaving Chouchou is a poignant film with dynamic characters that beautifully captures the bond between a mother and her daughter. It offers hope that understanding can be achieved in a heteronormative society.

The films were judged by Ilona Vitkauskaitė, professional film critic, Kārlis Vērdiņš, Latvian poet, literary and cultural studies scholar, and Artūras Tereškinas, writer, sociologist, cultural studies scholar.

Audience Award – Big Sur Gay Porn (dir. Ryan A. White)