This year’s jury has decided!

The best short film – “Unliveable” (“Inabitável”, dir. Maheus Farias, 2020, Brazil):
We would like to acknowledge deep humanity of the film that touches upon a socially urgent topic. We unanimously found the beauty and magical realism of this film truly exceptional.

Special mention – “Haze” (dir. Meg Duncan, 2020, Australia):
We were intrigued by the original form of the film, its cinematic language and a refreshing use of time/editing. We look very much forward to seeing future works of the director.

The jury were Zhanna Ozirna (UA), Elžbieta Latėnaitė (LT), Weronika Adamowska (PL) and Karel Tuytschaever (BE).

The winner of the audience award will be announced after the events in Kaunas.