This year’s jury has decided!

The best short film – “Unliveable” (“Inabitável”, dir. Maheus Farias, 2020, Brazil):
We would like to acknowledge deep humanity of the film that touches upon a socially urgent topic. We unanimously found the beauty and magical realism of this film truly exceptional.

Special mention – “Haze” (dir. Meg Duncan, 2020, Australia):
We were intrigued by the original form of the film, its cinematic language and a refreshing use of time/editing. We look very much forward to seeing future works of the director.

The jury were Zhanna Ozirna (UA), Elžbieta Latėnaitė (LT), Weronika Adamowska (PL) and Karel Tuytschaever (BE).


Audience award – “Nelly & Nadine” (dir. Magnus Gertten, 2022, Sweden, Belgium, Norway).

Nelly & Nadine