Alex Kochan. From Dark Comes Light


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Alex Kochan’s work draws on lived observations of a transgender person about gender and the functioning of the LGBT+ community in society. Alex translates misunderstandings, paradoxes and marginalisation into a peculiar language of animals and symbols. In search for connections between the beastly or devilish image and non-normative manifestations of gender and sexuality, Alex uses various printmaking techniques such as etching, silkscreen and illustration.

The works in the exhibition bring together various creatures found in Alex’s work, drawing on myths and rituals. Characters are used as symbols: the unicorn as freedom and “otherness”, the jester as what the LGBT+ community is often made out to be in the eyes of homophobes, and the others as different expressions of gender and sexuality. Community is also an important aspect. More than a product of shared oppression, it is also an empowering and liberating way of being. Alex’s works embody a paradox: while night or darkness is not usually associated with safety, for LGBT+ people it often provides a safe haven for socialising and celebration. Freedom only becomes possible in hidden or underground places in the dark, and to be in the light is to be visible and vulnerable.

The exhibition is open 19-28 May, Thursdays-Saturdays 16:00-19:00.
Address: “išgirsti”, Darbininkų Street 8-1 (apartment building, one flight up from the entrance).
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Curated by “išgirsti”, Augustas Čičelis and Viktorija Kolbešnikova. The activities of “išgirsti” are supported by the Active Citizens Foundation, EEA Grants.


“išgir̃stì”, Darbininkų g. 8–1, Vilnius
May 19–28, 2022, Thu–Sat, 16.00–19.00